Truck Modifications Should Include Driveshaft Mods Too

You’ve got a truck. It looks great in the driveway, on the road, and in the office, where it virtually stomps all over your envious coworkers. But building your ultimate truck modification is a series of steps, and it all starts with knowing what you need and how to get it to your door. Not all parts can just be had by walking into an auto repair shop. For example, let’s take the prop shafts. Whether you call them propshafts or driveshafts or something else, you can’t go with an inferior product. We chatted with a few people from Driveshaft Solutions, a great place to get quality parts from people that know exactly what that amazing little component is going to do for us.

You see, the prop shaft is pretty important. It works in time with the transmission to get you from one place to another, and as you might imagine…it can take a beating over time. If you’re thinking about lifting your truck, you have to consider upgrading that stock propshaft as well.


What we’re trying to do with a new and/or modified driveshaft is not only adjust the angle of the shaft, but decrease vibration. As you might imagine, vibration is very dangerous as you drive the truck around. Over time, heavy vibration leads to all of these delicate parts becoming worn and rubbing against each other, which leads to an increased risk of breakdown. The drive train is one of the most important components of not just a truck, but most 4×4 wheel drive vehicles in general.

Besides, you didn’t get a truck to play small. No, you want to hear that bad boy rev up, eager to prowl the streets for smaller prey. You didn’t lift the truck because you want to avoid attention, either. Getting quality parts from the beginning will help you in terms of improving performance and longevity.

We’re often asked whether you should go with a brand new propshaft or a used one. If you’re really trying to max out performance, a brand new component is best. On the other hand, if you’re trying to save money, a reconditioned driveshaft has been tested to ensure it’ll hold up. So if you’re in a hurry, getting the cheaper version might work, but you’ll eventually want to go with brand new sooner or later.