Common Radiator problems to handle Straightaway

Bringing an old car to life is the stuff that DIY dreams are made of. Anybody can go out and buy a new car. But it takes time, patience, money, and energy to breathe life into a car that most people would haul to the scrap yard in a pinch. People talk endlessly about brakes and tires, of the transmission and drive train…but few people want to address the subject of radiators.

We’ve been getting a great level of insight into the radiator game from Advanced Radiators, a team that does nothing but sell radiators. They know what they’re doing and we were surprised at how little we really knew about the radiator. Sometimes we just go by what we’ve been told by folksy mechanics we grew up with. They say “Oh, just throw some water in the boot so you can top up the radiator!”


Obviously, there’s more to addressing radiator problems than this. There are some common radiator problems that you might see when you pop open the bonnet and look inside. We wanted to cover the ones you’re most likely to see, so you can avoid more serious damage. Fixing the radiator, even though it means spending quite a bit of money, ultimately means saving your car. You literally can’t run the vehicle without a strong radiator to help keep things cool, so don’t skimp on quality.

Rust is the number one enemy of radiators everywhere. You might ignore rust on the side of your car, but you can’t ignore the rust inside the radiator or outside of it. A classic sign you have interior radiator rust is when the car doesn’t seem to operate at the same temperature anymore, getting increasingly hotter until you start having trouble keeping it cool completely.

Another problem would be a broken thermostat, which is connected to how your radiator functions. If you don’t have a working thermostat, the radiator is getting bad instructions. Every component inside your car works together.

Have your radiator checked out at a garage before the symptoms get worse. And if you do have to order parts, the team at Advanced Radiators can help you out as well.