Claim the true Benefits of the Motability program today

What can a new vehicle do for you? Well, if you’re currently stuck at home and having to rely on unreliable transportation, the answer is simple: quite a bit! But if you’re still figuring out all of the details of the Motability program, have you considered using your allowance to get a new vehicle?

If you’re being taken care of right now by a carer, you might feel that you won’t be able to take advantage of the car allowance at all. But we ran this scenario by the team down at Inchcape Volkswagen, and they said that they actually see it all the time. They assured us that it’s well within the lines to have a vehicle that your carer uses only for your needs, getting you to all of your appointments, running to get groceries, and making sure that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Motability program

Most people see life with a disability as this tall, tall mountain that encompasses everyone. However, we see it as a wide valley that holds many people, but their experiences are very unique. You can still have a vibrant life even as you deal with limitations, and it’s learning how to have a great life despite of those challenges that will lead to a brighter future for your entire family.

The interesting thing about the offers down at Inchcape Volkswagen is that they cover the taxes and insurance, as well as all of the servicing required to keep a new car in top condition.

You don’t have to make a quick decision, but you do need to realize the important benefits of taking this giant leap forward. How would having a brand new car leased for your needs improve your situation? Would it help you avoid delayed buses? Would you be able to let family get to work sooner than if they had to navigate traffic in order to carry out your errands? Would you feel excited to drive again, being able to go where you wanted without restraint?

It’s time to at least consider the obvious and even hidden benefits of claiming the full amount of your Motability benefit. Good luck!