Claim the true Benefits of the Motability program today

What can a new vehicle do for you? Well, if you’re currently stuck at home and having to rely on unreliable transportation, the answer is simple: quite a bit! But if you’re still figuring out all of the details of the Motability program, have you considered using your allowance to get a new vehicle?

If you’re being taken care of right now by a carer, you might feel that you won’t be able to take advantage of the car allowance at all. But we ran this scenario by the team down at Inchcape Volkswagen, and they said that they actually see it all the time. They assured us that it’s well within the lines to have a vehicle that your carer uses only for your needs, getting you to all of your appointments, running to get groceries, and making sure that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Motability program

Most people see life with a disability as this tall, tall mountain that encompasses everyone. However, we see it as a wide valley that holds many people, but their experiences are very unique. You can still have a vibrant life even as you deal with limitations, and it’s learning how to have a great life despite of those challenges that will lead to a brighter future for your entire family.

The interesting thing about the offers down at Inchcape Volkswagen is that they cover the taxes and insurance, as well as all of the servicing required to keep a new car in top condition.

You don’t have to make a quick decision, but you do need to realize the important benefits of taking this giant leap forward. How would having a brand new car leased for your needs improve your situation? Would it help you avoid delayed buses? Would you be able to let family get to work sooner than if they had to navigate traffic in order to carry out your errands? Would you feel excited to drive again, being able to go where you wanted without restraint?

It’s time to at least consider the obvious and even hidden benefits of claiming the full amount of your Motability benefit. Good luck!

Cheer up a Friend with a List of Supercharged Cars

A good friend is there for you no matter what, and if you’ve got a friend that’s going through a series of rough times, why not show them a few fast cars? For most of us, we probably will never own any of these cars. But really, can YOU look at a Hennessey Venom GT Spyder and not crack a smile?

We didn’t think so.

But hey, the gorgeous graphics were dropped off by Drive Benfield, who doesn’t want your friend to have a bad day either. So enjoy the graphics, the stats, and the sense that if you sit with your friend a while, both of you are going to feel better in good time.

Oh, one last thing: if we had to choose, it would be the Porsche 918 Spyder, for sure. It’s not a car made for the whole family, but if you drive just right, well…women do find fast cars romantic.

infographic - Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1

How to Drive Safely on the Road

Often, people see driving safely as something which is difficult; however, it doesn’t take much effort to stay safe while you’re on the road. All you need is to take care and think about your surroundings while you’re out in your car. Driving safely isn’t just about you – it’s about your passengers, pedestrians and all the other drivers on the road. Somebody who drives dangerously is not only a threat to themselves, but is also a threat to other people and to society. Here are some top tips for helping you to drive safely:

Eliminate all distractions

When driving, you should give your full and undivided attention to the task at hand. While you’re in the car, you should refrain from using your cell phone, eating food or reading documents. If you know that somebody will be calling or texting you soon, let them know that you’re about to drive and you’ll call them as soon as you arrive at your destination. By doing this, they won’t call you and you won’t be tempted to answer. If you absolutely must use your phone, be sure to pull over and stop the car before doing so.

Drive Safely

Obey all the rules

Driving safely involves you following all the rules of the road which have been laid out by the experts. This means that you must follow any and all speed limits, stop when you need to and always wear your seat belt. If you have children with you in the car, they must be placed in a car seat in order to ensure that they are safe at all times. Remind your passengers to wear their seat belts at all times too. Be sure to indicate when turning, switching lanes or making any other movements which involves switching from right to left.

Keep your car safe

You can follow all of the rules and eliminate all distractions, but if your car isn’t safe enough to be on the road, you can still encounter accidents and things can still go wrong. You should make sure that your car is regularly checked – a full check should involve the brakes, lights and other components of the car. Without having a car which is in good condition, you risk getting yourself into a potentially fatal accident. When you buy a car, get somebody to teach you how to carry out small checks yourself too, such as changing oil and water.

In Car Arguments

As we all know, when it comes to cars, men and women don’t get on. But a recent survey has found that twenty two minutes is the amount of time it takes for a couple to fall out when driving, so my advice is, if going on long journeys, go alone!

More than half of the couples interviewed admit that after their row, they wouldn’t speak to each other for the rest of the journey, and ten percent of couples admitted that their in car argument had resulted in them splitting up.

The majority of arguments occur over directions or getting lost, with the driver being reluctant to take advice from the passenger, regardless of their sex. The next most common arguing point is parking spaces, and manoeuvres. I can completely relate to this one. One weeknight a few years ago, after boyfriend and I deciding we wanted a Chinese takeaway, we drove to get it.

Car Arguments

I drove. All went ok, until we got to the parking space, which was a tight parallel park. I got flustered, tood and froed between forwards and backwards, always getting the wrong angle and hitting the kerb, or getting too close to the car in front. Boyfriend tried to give helpful advice, but eventually I threw a strop, turned off the car, threw the keys at him and huffed off into the takeaway. All passersby thought the incident to be hilarious; I ended up with a bruised toe after furiously kicking the tyre. Needless to say, i don’t rank this incident highly in my list of greatest moments!

One in five motorists say that they have gone as far as to pull the car over and refuse to drive any further with their partner in the car, with twenty four percent of drivers arguing about the proximity of their car to the car in front.

Although humorous, my advice rings true…. don’t get in a car on a long journey with your partner!

Show Your Neighbors You Care By Building Up a Car Share

It doesn’t take an economist to realize that it’s a tough world out there. In order to survive, you have to fight hard. In order to fight hard, you need to know what you’re fighting for. The bottom line is that instead of thinking that we all are little islands unto ourselves, we need to go back to being a real community. There’s nothing that says that you can’t lead the way to a better life for the people around you. Gone are the days of just sticking to yourself and focusing only on things that affect you. Everything really affects everyone else, so it’s really important that you think carefully on what you want to get out of the whole project. Why not think about getting your car share project going?

Sharing transportation makes sense for a lot of reasons. For starters, there are probably some common places that your neighbors always need to go to, such as to a common workplace or even taking their kids to school every morning during the week. Do you really want to see your neighbors struggle? Probably not, if you really want to help. In addition to the benefits that your neighbors will get out of it, you also get to have help with the cost of fuel if you’re going to be taking everyone. This means that your transportation expenses will be reduced dramatically.

Car Share

However, you have to make sure that you’re thinking about the type of experience that you want everyone to have. Spelling out what you expect and what you don’t expect is very important. If you try to only think about the positive and ignore any trouble that you might have, you could be in for a while ride as you are trying to get things done. It would be better to just make sure that everyone knows what’s expected out of them. For example, when are you going to collect the money from each and every person? If you pick a date and time, make sure that you do everything in your power to stick to that timeframe. Humans thrive on routine, and get out of sync when they don’t have any type of rules, structure, or order. Continue reading

Reasons for doing an Intensive Driving Course in London

If you have decided that you want to learn to drive or even if you have been having lessons for a while, it is likely that you really want to pass. Once you start to learn, you will really get a feel for what it could be like to have the freedom of being able to drive wherever you want and this could mean that you get more and more impatient to pass your test. An intensive driving course could be just the thing.

Intensive Driving Course in London

It is therefore well worth looking into the intensive driving courses London that are available to choose from. There are many great advantages. By doing an intensive course, you could find that you will be able to pass your test very much more quickly. If you are already at a good standard of driving then you may only need a few days to be able to get up to a standard good enough to pass your test. Even if you are a novice driver it could take just ten days to pass the test. This means that you will not have to wait for months or even longer to be able to get out on the road by yourself. Continue reading